Invite Users

You can invite users from your organization to use KSOC. Invitations will be sent via e-mail, and your teammates will be given a unique token for signup. All users must authenticate through the Auth0 service.

Invite a User

  • Navigate to Settings > User Management and click Invite a User".
  • Enter the user's email address and click "Create Invitation".

User Invitation Email with Invite Code

  • The user will receive an invitation email. Have the user check their spam folder if they don't see the email in their inbox. The email will have an invite code that will be used later in the process.

  • The user would click on the link in the email or go to and then click "Sign In".

User Creates a New Account

  • The user will be presented with a login screen. Because they do not yet have a login, they should click on "Don't have an account? Sign up".
  • The user can then enter their email address and create a password.

  • Once the user has created their account, they will be presented with a choice to "Create new company" or "Join an Existing Company". They should choose "Join an Existing Company".
  • The user should copy the invite code from their email in the "Have an invite?" box and click Join.
  • The user is now logged into company's KSOC account.

Auth0 Account Verification

  • The user will also receive a verification email from Auth0 after they have set up their email address and password. They should click on "Verify Your Account" to complete the signup process.

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