Integration with Okta

How to set up Okta Single Sign-On integration with KSOC

Supported features

Single Sign-On (OpenID Connect) initiated via Okta


  • Install the KSOC application in your Okta instance
  • An active KSOC account

Configuration steps

After installing the KSOC application, you will need to gather configuration options and send them to KSOC Support.

Collect information from your Okta dashboard

  1. In the Okta admin page, click on the KSOC application and then navigate to the Sign On tab
  2. Copy Client ID and Client secret
  3. There should be a section that has a link titled OpenID Provider Metadata. Click this link. In the JSON document shown, look for a key titled issuer and copy the URL
  4. Send the gathered information to KSOC Support
Client ID  
Client Secret  
Issuer URL

We will reply to confirm we received your options, and then again once your integration is configured.

Linking account

Once your integration is ready, you will need to link your Okta account with your KSOC account. To do that simply navigate to, and click on Link Okta.