Create Organization

KSOC supports Organizations (child accounts) that allow grouping clusters by department, location, organizational unit, etc. Create an Organization to reflect the grouping for the clusters.

  1. On the Organizations page, click Add Organization.
  2. Fill in a name and description and click Save.

Add Cluster

To add a cluster, obtain the access and secret key for the renamed Organization in the KSOC UI. You will need this to install the V2 KSOC plugins.

  1. On the Organization's page click the organization name where you want the cluster to reside
  2. On the Organization's clusters page, click on Add Cluster
  3. Copy the base64AccessKeyId base64SecretKey values or simply click DOWNLOAD AS YAML to save the values.yaml file.

KSOC plugins installation

Please use to install the plugins into your cluster.

Feel free to submit a Pull Request here for any documentation changes.